Marius Schwarz
Graphic design and publishing

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aneducation, a book about the education department of documenta 14. With Ronja Andersen.

We (all) are the people. Posters in 12 different languages for and with Hans Haacke in Athens, Kassel, Brussels, New York, Ramallah, Chemnitz and Halle. Photo: Bo<33by Dekker

‘History of Oh’ and ‘Magazine 28–99’ in OASE 100—The Architecture of the Journal and Karel Martens. Design with Aagje and Karel Martens.

EPH—Traces on Eroding Ground, Anna Laederach.

Identity for TischGenossen, a group of eco-dynamic farmers. Typeface with Paul Bernhard.

documenta 14 press-passes for Mevis en van Deursen. Photo: Daniel Stubenvoll

Research project on Otl Aicher’s design studio Rotis published as The Green our Sheep Graze in 1%ofONE Verlag, Hamburg, presented as Library Talk in Rietveld Academy Amsterdam and exhibited at FOLGENDES gallery in Hamburg. The publication can be ordered through Materialverlag and 1%ofONE Verlag.

SOUTH 6–9. The magazine of documenta 14. For and with Mevis en van Deursen.

Publications and ephemera for the digital publication eeebooks. Typeface with Bold Decisions, epubs with Paul Bernhard and jingle with Délage.

WERKLINIEN. Booklet for a Joseph Beuys exhibition in MKK Kleve.

Pride flag for Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Photo: Kristine Andersen

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On Karel Martens and OASE 100
Interview with Walker Arts Centre

Field Work: The Green our Sheep Graze
Grafik magazine

Marius Schwarz is a graphic designer in Amsterdam who is interested in the translation of content into various media. His work spans from design to writing and editorial work and is often done in collaboration with others.

He publishes the serial digital publication eeebooks.