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Since the beginning of 2017 I am a guest-editor of OASE 100 ‘The Architecture of the Journal’ with Veronique Patteeuw and Bart Decroos. I compiled an index with all relevant details of the past 99 OASE issues which will be used as background of the cover. It is followed by a visual archive with magazine spreads I selected and photographed. We invited 6 designer’s to investigate on different aspects of OASE’s design. My own contribution ‘History of Oh’ connects the origins of speech and writing to digital communication by collecting and writing about different letter Os.

As part of Mevis en Van Deursen’s design team for documenta 14 I was responsible for designing most grey items as for WALKS, press-passes (including shoelace and plastic bag) and year-tickets. I was also assisting Hans Haacke to design and adjust his work Wir (alle) sind das Volk for different installations in Athens and Kassel.

For Jonathan Puckey’s interactive VR project DANCE.TONITE for LCD Soundsystem I was responsible for the visual identity. I used the regular cut of Lars, which was equiped with a filled letter O that corresponds with the orbit element in the application.

Newly renamed JOSEPH BEUYS GESAMTSCHULE in Kleve contacted me to design a logo and and identity that cummunicates the spirit of their patron saint with its pupils. The design is based on a set of modules that can be used to draw and write.

Book for Ed Van der Elsken’s exhibition Camera in Love in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Typesetting and production for studio Mevis en Van Deursen.

FREIEXEMPLAR is an in-house publication at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg. It is meant to encourage common reading and subsequent discourse within the walls of the academy. I contributed the recommendation for the text 7 Years as a Freelance Writer by Richard Morgan, introduced it with a preface and the designed the issue. The text gives disillusioning insight into the shallow world of freelance journalism for fancy New York magazines.

NONSENSUS COMPLEXUS is a newspaper for the annual speaker’s night in the Southern German village Leutkirch that I designed, edited and printed. Drawings by Jacob Schenk.

For Delage AKA Loverboy and the Togetherness, Niklaus Mettler and I organized a record release party in Mediamatics Amsterdam and drew these heartbreaking posters (with help of Stefan Fuchs). At the event we installed a projection of Loverboy’s phone, which enabled the audience to share their thoughts with him live.

VUURWERK Festival is a theater festival of graduates from Theaterschool Amsterdam in Frascati Theater. The idea of the three initiators was to oppose the annual ITs festival, which in their opinion has a too commercial approach to represent their theater. Together with Bram van den Berg we did a poster/programme and booklet.

Flyer for Velokurier, Freiburg. Inside there is a poster I did in collaboration with the cyclists. The job was payed with a racebike.

For my graduation project I started an intensive research on Rotis, a place close to where I grew up. In the 80s and 90s German design legend Otl Aicher was running an exemplary design-studio situated in the rural alpine uplands. What triggered me about Rotis was the many contradictions around Aicher’s project, my personal involvement with it and the general question of how we should deal with our architecure- and design heritage. As a writer and researcher I was less interested in the gathering of more facts, but in collecting personal insights and anecdotes of first hand witnesses.
    The result is a personal reportage titled The green our sheep graze that was published in 1%ofONE Hamburg in late 2015. I was giving a Library Talk about it in Rietveld Academy Amsterdam and exhibited in FOLGENDES gallery in Hamburg. The publication can be ordered through Materialverlag and 1%ofONE Verlag. The first chapters can be read on Grafik.net and in German on Hartikel.de.

Since December 2014 I am assisting Linda van Deursen from Studio Mevis en Van Deursen. I managed the production of several books and magazines including SOUTH — the magazine of documenta14 — and extensive art catalogues on ZERO movement and Jean Tinguely. I also got the chance to play their identity of Stedelijk Museum by creating a flag for the gaypride and a poster wall for Matisse.

Museum Kurhaus Kleve is an art museum on the boarder of Germany and the Netherlands for which I occasionally design publications.
    Joseph Beuys grew up in Kleve, which is why MKK owns a big collection of his early works. For a publication to this years Werklinien exhibition I made use Beuys’ drawings and stamps and used them as reference marks.
    Hanns Lamers was a painter and resident of Kleve, too. Lamers’ life intercepted with many important European post war artists (amongst them Beuys). Through the extensive footnotes added by Valentina Vlasic the biography reads as a compact art history lesson. Lamers died, age 64, by falling dead in his most favourite pub in Kleve.

Invitation for HORS SAISON, an experimental dinner curated by Rebekka Seubert and Gallerie Conradi, Hamburg.

Foam is the photography museum in Amsterdam where I attended a trainee­ship after graduating. Once in a while I do freelance work for them, for instance the design of the booklets for their 3H gallery – a small space on the third floor of the Grachtenhuis that is programmed to support young positions in the field. In collaboration with the featured photo­graphers I have the chance to work on a design that supports their work in one way or another.
    For the staircase of the editions gallery I selected images that where printed on wallpaper and hung below the handrails. The intention was to attract and guide more people to the upstairs gallery.

I am a graphic designer from Southern Germany who lives and works in Amsterdam.

Starting in 2009 I studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg. In 2013 I changed to Rietveld Academy Amsterdam where I graduated with a bachelor degree in 2014.

Among my clients are friends, artists, museums, fashion designers, writers, farmers, bicycle couriers, architects and more.

I worked for Mevis en Van Deursen, Stedelijk Museum, documenta14, 1%ofONE Verlag, Buchhandlung Walther König, Foam Museum, Museum Kurhaus Kleve, Gallerie Conradi, Theaterschool Amsterdam, Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Studio Experimentelles Design, Velokurier Freiburg.